Solar powered ice cream

There I was, walking along the beach on a hot day last summer when I came upon an ice cream seller.

I was hot, and I like ice cream, so I thought what the heck. Digging in my pocket, I found enough loose change and promptly purchased a large ice cream cone.

There is something self conscious about walking down the street on your own, a grown man, eating an ice cream. It never seems so bad if you are with someone else, a partner or better still a child.

However, my self consciousness was quickly put to the back of my mind when I felt a cool sticky liquid running down the back of my hand. My ice cream was melting.

Hurriedly I munched my way through the remainder. This made me more self conscious than before. It’s one thing to lick a dollop of ice cream of a cone in a sedate and civilised manner, but when you end up stuffing the remainder of the sodden cone into your mouth and giving the impression of a chipmunk with a months supply of nuts in their cheeks, it has gone beyond the point of looking demure.

This little incident got me thinking. What happened to my ice cream to make it run down my hand? It melted, that’s what.

Why did it melt? Because the sun shone on it and made it hotter than it had been when it left the confines of the refrigerated container in which it had been stored.

So, by logic, this means that my ice cream was solar powered.

The solar energy from the sun caused it to change from a cold, fairly solid mass into a runny sticky mess. And all because of the sun.

Okay, okay, I know I’m being just a bit stupid here. But it just my way of pointing out the obvious.

The sun is available to us everyday, if not by direct sunlight, through the clouds in the form of daylight. Whether you live in a sunny part of the world or not, it still possible to utilise the energy of the sun. Whether it’s to heat your water, power your lights or to melt your ice cream.

There are a myriad of products you can buy which are solar powered. By doing so you can help save the planet and save your self some money on electricity bills.