Solar Pond Pump

A solar pond pump can be used in place of a mains powered pump on almost any kind of water feature weather it is a pond, water fall or fountain.

As you may imagine, they are an extremely environmentally friendly way of giving your garden an interesting and entertaining feature.

Solar pond pumps cost nothing to run because they take the suns energy and convert it into electrical power by use of solar collectors.

Because the pumps essentially provide water circulation, they are ideal for caring for the health fish. It is important to remember if you use pond pumps for this purpose, you must remember to specify it when ordering it.

If you are switching from an existing mains powered pump, you need to take into consideration the type of location you live in and the amount of sunshine you are likely to get through the day. It is possible you may need to specify a larger solar pond pump to compensate for lack of sunlight if you live in an area that does not get a lot of sunshine.

Obviously on cloudy days, a mains operated pump can do its job totally independent of the weather. This is not the case for solar powered appliances.

After the pump has been in operation for a few weeks it is important to open it and clean out any debris that has built up. Apart from that, all that is required is some simple maintenance such as cleaning the solar collectors to keep them free of dirt and grime which could prevent the maximum sunlight getting to them.