Solar Garden Spotlight

Solar garden spotlights are usually used for security purposes. They can either have the solar collector placed at a distance from the lights, or, the lights and solar panel can be integrated into one unit.

The big advantage of being solar powered is that these lights can be placed anywhere without giving a thought to wiring, because of course they do not need it.

This means they can be repositioned easily if the first placement is found to be unsuitable.

These lights give out illumination for around 14 hours after being recharged from sunlight through the day. Light is provided by LEDs (light emitting diodes).

There is very little maintenance required. The rechargeable batteries last for three years and the LEDs for 25 years. All that is required is a rub over with a cloth to keep the solar collector free from dust and grime.

Solar garden spotlights cost nothing to operate and can be guaranteed to give years of trouble free operation.

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