Solar Fountain Pumps

Innovative Solar Fountain Pumps work even when the sun is blocked using a solar battery pack.

A solar fountain pump allows you to power your fountain using solar power. A solar fountain pump has many advantages over a traditional mains voltage powered fountain pump or pond pump. High voltage cables connecting the fountain pump to the mains supply are not required. This saves digging up the grass and paving which is the normal way of installing a high voltage cable. As solar power is free, you will save money on electric bills and the installations costs are significantly reduced.

A standard solar fountain pump will have a battery power pack. During day light hours, the sun shines on the solar panel which produces electricity to power the fountain pump and charges the battery pack. As the sun sets, the amount of power produced by the solar cell reduces and will get to a stage where there isn’t enough power produced to run the fountain so you get uninterrupted flow. The battery pack will then takes over and runs the solar fountain pump throughout the night. As the sun rises the solar panel starts to produce electricity again and recharges the battery pack and runs the solar fountain pump and the perpetual cycle continues.

Solar power system

The solar panel used to power the pump is also known as a solar cell or photovoltaic (PV) which is a device that converts sunlight directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect. Their construction is completely different to solar panels for hot water which use pipes to collect the heat from the sun. Solar cells are made up of thin layers of silicon, and when sunlight strikes a cell's light absorbing material, chemical reactions release electrons, generating an electric current.

Solar fountain pump kits are available in a number of different sizes. You will need to decide on the size of fountain required then pick the kit that suits you best. Below is a list of standard solar fountain pump kits that are generally available and their power consumption and through put.

  • Solar Fountain Pump:

    43-gallon-per-hour (GPH) output, maximum 27-1/2" lift, for small fountains
  • Medium Solar Fountain Pump:

    118-GPH output, maximum 32" lift, for large fountains.
  • Large Solar Fountain Pump:

    131-GPH output, max. 51" lift, for ponds.

Setting up a solar fountain pump is easy. Simply stake the separate solar panel into the ground where sunlight is most accessible. The solar fountain pump also comes with a UL-listed AC transformer so you can power the solar fountain at night. The Solar Fountain Pumps have quiet brushless motors.