Solar Deck Lighting

Solar Deck Lighting is a wonderful way to highlight the style of your patio at night. If they are placed with care and thought, they can create a delightfully restful mood.

In addition to mood creation, solar deck lighting makes it safer to use stairways and steps at night.

The most common types of solar deck lighting is either recessed or post lights.

As the name implied, recessed deck lights are installed directly into the decking and are flush with the floor level. They become part of the patio or decking and can be walked on, or even driven on if they are used as part of a path or driveway.

Deck lighting can come in a variety of colours.

The second type is post lights. These are fitted directly on top of fence posts. They shed light on the area around the post they are fitted to.

As well as providing illumination, they also protest the top of the fence posts from the effects of rain and other moisture. Most post lights can fit 4x4 or 6x6 posts. They are normally made from aluminium and retain their finish for many years.

The warm and bright lighting is provided by two LEDs which are powered by rechargeable batteries.

Solar post lights are relatively easy to install. Although a bit more work is involved than installing other types of solar garden lighting which only have to be pushed into the ground. But if you know how to use a drill and a screwdriver, it should be no problem.


A Solar Deck Lights absorb light from the sun and convert the light into electrical power which is stored in rechargeable batteries. They operate in a similar way to rechargeable flashlights except the power is taken from sunlight rather than mains electricity.

Solar accent light

In a flashlight the bulb is normally the incandescent type whereas in a solar light, is an LED which provides the light. (An LED is a Light Emitting Diode, which is an electronic component that produces light but requires very little energy to do it)

Solar lights can stay lit for up to 15 hours depending upon how much sunlight they have been exposed to during the day.

Because they use only the suns energy for power, solar lights cost nothing to run and are very environmentally friendly. The Ni-Cad rechargeable batteries last approximately three years and are easy to obtain and replace.

Apart from replacing the batteries, there is no maintenance required on a Solar Deck Light.

The LEDs themselves are not replaceable, but should be good for at least 25 years.

If you live in a climate that is particularly cloudy in the autumn and winter, the light output will not be as great as it is in the summer. For this reason, many users simply take them from the garden and store them until spring.