How to make your electricity meter run backwards, legally

Next time a meter reader comes from the electricity company, wouldn’t it be wonderful if he told you your reading was lower that the last one.

Then, a few days later, you open what you think is a bill, and find not only do you not owe them any money, but they have actually credited your account.

This may seem like fantasy land, but this situation is happening in more and more homes across the country. The simple fact is, if you have a system for generating your own electricity, and you don’t use all that you create, then what remains is fed back into the national power grid, which makes your electricity meter run backwards, legally.

And of course not only can you cut your bills and make money, at the same time, you are doing a great deal to make the planet a cleaner place to live.

Prices for solar systems vary, but for the average house they can be on in the region of $8,000 to $10,000. That is for a professionally installed system.

However, the good news is, this figure can be dramatically reduced.

It is possible build your own Solar Energy system. And if you know where to go source the parts, you could save a fortune.

For example, one of the most expensive parts of a Solar Power installation are the solar panels which are mounted on the roof and collect the sunlight and turn it in to electricity. Did you know that it’s possible to get them for a fraction of the normal cost, and in some cases for free!

There is absolutely no reason why you cannot have a fully functioning Solar Energy system in you home, saving you money, and making you money.

Go to it.