Solar Garden Lantern

A Solar garden lantern is usually made from stainless steel, to resist corrosion. Often they are fitted with stained glass which can give an almost magical effect.

As the name implies, a solar garden lantern is powered by sunlight. It has a built in solar collector which converts the sun’s light to electrical energy. And because of this, it does not need any wiring or transformers.

Infrared Solar Cell

This means they are very easy to install, and can be located in remote locations.

There is virtually no maintenance because the LED lights last for up to 25 years and the rechargeable batteries for about three years.

The solar panels need is a regular rub over with a cloth to keep them free from dust and grime, which would reduce their effectiveness by keeping out the maximum sunlight

After a days charging, the solar lanterns should give out about 14 hours of light.

Although built for outdoor use, it is recommended that if they will be outside in hard winters where the temperatures will be below freezing, they should be removed and stored inside.