Solar Fence Lights

Solar fence lights are fitted to the tops of fence posts. They use the suns energy which shines on a solar collector which turns the light into electrical energy. This is then stored in a rechargeable battery.

There are many benefits to fitting solar fence lights, the big one is the ability to use your deck after dark instead of being limited to only daylight hours.

Solar fence lights

After all, why go to the expense of fitting a deck and then being restricted in the hours you can use it.

Once fully charged, solar fence lights can give light for up to fourteen hours.

Solar fence lights are very easy to install. If you can drill a hole and use a screwdriver you will find it no problem. And because they are solar powered, there is no need for wiring.

They are very easy to maintain, requiring only a wipe with a cloth to keep the solar collectors free from dirt and grime. The LED lights should last for three years and are very easy to replace, and the rechargeable batteries have a life of up to 25 years.

Obviously this will be reduced a little depending upon the amount of sun available through the day.