Solar Deck Post Lights

Solar deck post lights are fitted to the tops of fence posts. They use solar collectors to turn sunlight into electrical power.

This of course means that because they use the suns rays, they are completely free of charge to run. No electricity bills to pay.

Solar accent light

The obvious benefit to fitting solar deck post lights, apart from the free power aspect, is that you are able to use your deck or patio after dark and not just during the hours of daylight.

After all, why go to the expense of fitting a deck and then being restricted in the hours you can use it.

Solar deck post lights are very easy to install and maintain. If you can use a drill and screw driver you will have no problem fitting them. Because they are solar powered, there is no requirement for mains wiring. Simply drill fixing holes and screw them to the fence posts.

Maintenance is kept to a minimum. Clean them with a cloth to ensure the solar collectors remain free of dirt and grime that would reduce the amount of light getting to the solar collector. Then every three years or so replace the LED lights. The rechargeable batteries should last for 25 years.

They can give light for up to fourteen hours after being charged by sunlight. Obviously this will be reduced a little if it is a cloudy day.