Solar Deck Post Lighting

Solar deck post lighting or as they are sometimes called, solar cap lights, are fitted to the tops of fence posts. There’s a surprise!. They have built in solar collectors which turn sunlight into electrical energy.

The main reason for fitting solar deck post lighting is that you are able to use your deck after dark rather than just through the day.

Solar accent light

After all, why go to the expense of fitting a deck and then not being able to use it when the sun goes in.

Solar deck post lighting is very easy to install. There is no need for wiring and transformers. A few basic tools are all that is needed. If you can use a drill and screwdriver, you can install solar deck post lighting

When fully charged, it will give off illumination for up to for up to fourteen hours. And all this for free. No electricity bills. Free power from he sun.

Obviously, this will be reduced a little if it a cloudy day.