Solar Deck Post Caps

Solar deck post caps are fitted to the tops of fence posts. Because they are fitted with solar collectors which charge batteries, they can provide illumination for your deck or patio for up to fourteen hours once fully charged.

Because the light from solar power is free, they cost nothing to run. No electricity bills.

The main reason for fitting solar deck post caps is it means you can use your deck for longer than just the daylight hours. After all, why go to the expense of fitting a deck and then being restricted in the hours you can use it.

Solar deck post caps are very easy to install. If you have access to a screwdriver and a drill you can fit them. There is no wiring to worry about. Simply fit them in any location you prefer and you are guaranteed a never ending supply of soft lighting that enhance the beauty of your deck or patio.

Solar accent light

They are almost maintenance free. The rechargeable batteries last for up to 25 years and the LED light bulbs for three years.