DIY solar heater for swimming pool

The interest in DIY solar Heaters for swimming pools is growing rapidly. This is because of the great money saving abilities solar heaters offer.

It works by using your existing circulating pump which pushes the water from the swimming pool through the system.

There is an automatic control sensor which detects the water temperature. This information is then passed to the control valve which either diverts it to the solar collectors or bypasses them altogether if there is sufficient temperature in the water.

The collectors are usually mounted on the roof or on the ground beside the pool.

When sun shines on the collectors, the water is heated and returned to the pool via the return lines at the required temperature.

A separate water heater is also included in the system for those occasions when there is a lot of cloud and the air temperature is lower than normal.

The system is fully automatic and almost maintenance free. And of course, best of all, they cost absolutely nothing to run because the energy from the sun is free.

Obviously you can buy a system and have installed professionally, but if you are handy and want to build a DIY solar heater for a swimming pool, we would recommend that you get a copy of “Earth4Energy” which you can find here. It provides everything you need to know about building your own system for a fraction of the cost of a professionally installed kit.