Sharp solar panels

Sharp have been making solar panels for over forty years. They are one of the world’s leading innovators in this fast developing technology.

Their products are used in a variety of applications from space satellites to lighthouses and from industrial use to residential applications.

Sharp have received a number of awards for their contribution to energy saving.

Since the year 200 they have been the world’s leading manufacturer of solar cells. They produce single and multi crystalline silicon solar cells.

To give an idea of the price and output of a typical Sharp solar panel, consider the model number ND-130T1J.

This is a 130 watt, 12 volt poly-crystalline silicon photovoltaic module. It weighs around 14 kg.

Typical uses are; private dwellings, industrial uses, RVs, power stations, beacons and pumps.

They measure roughly 1400mm x 650mm x 50mm. Open circuit voltage is 22v and fuse rating is 15 amps.

A typical selling price would be around $1,000 each.