Solar Water Heater

The water heating systems can be divided into compact and active. This article will concentrate on the compact system.

Usually compact system has a solar collector and a tank containing the heated water, both mounted together on the same framework. Usually these systems rely upon natural convection to transfer the heat from the collector to where it’s needed in the tank.

There is a special type of compact system where the tank is used as both a collector of Solar Energy and a hot water storage tank, which means the water that is heated is the same as that in the storage tank. These are called batch heaters and are usually mounted on the wall or roof of the house.

Passive solar water system

Normally they are rectangular in shape and have a glass front. They are very inexpensive, but are usually used in areas that get a lot of sun. They don’t normally need a pump and rely on natural convection.

For the less sunny areas, a system called Convection Heat Storage Unit is used. These consist of many smaller collectors, or mini tanks, linked together. Because each tank has only a small amount of water, the can be heated much more easily and do not need so much sunshine to heat the water.

The heated fluid is transferred from the collectors by means of convection so no pump I needed.

Compact systems are relatively maintenance free and can last up to 25years.

Passive open loop system